Discover how you can avoid cramping, fatigue and GI issues and hit your PR with the Optimized Sweat Test.

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Designed To Personalize Your Hydration & 2 Simple Steps

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Has this ever happened to you?

  • You cramp in the middle of a race and miss out on your PR.

  • You are frantically looking for a bathroom in the middle of your run and can't find one so you have to go in the bushes.

  • You are so tired after your long run that you just want to lay on the couch all day.

  • You are confused about when to take in sports drinks vs. water.

  • You know that you should take in electrolytes but you have no idea when and how often you should take them.

Get the solution to avoid cramping, fatigue and GI issues with the Optimized Sweat Test

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Here's EVERYTHING you get When You purchase the optimized sweat test

  • Sweat rate & Composition test valued at $119

  • Assessment call valued at $200

  • One week personalized hydration and fueling plan valued at $150

  • Confidence in knowing you have a plan to avoid GI issues and cramping- priceless!

Total Value: $469



  • Know how much you are sweating during workouts

  • How much fluid to consume

  • How many electrolytes to take in for workouts and races.

  • Avoid cramping

  • Avoid GI issues

  • Hit your goal pace or PR

  • Confidence in knowing you have a plan to avoid GI issues and cramping

Get Your Personalized Sweat test & Hydration & fueling plan today!

Total Value: $469

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